Spectrum Watches transforms in partnership with Orikami Lab

RetailME Bureau

Spectrum Watches, one of the oldest watch brands originating from the region, has undertaken full-scale transformation with Orikami Lab, a Dubai-based design innovation hub.

Orikami Lab worked with Spectrum Watches to develop new synergies between their existing client base and the new changemakers (or millennials) it aimed to win over. Despite the many challenges, the transformational process took just under three years to complete.

Spectrum Watches enjoys great offline success, and its superior craftsmanship is comparable to some of the most prestigious European watchmakers. To tap into the ever-influential online market, however, it needed a new visual identity, which served as the backdrop for the rebranding. Now backed by a new brand identity and visuals, Orikami Lab has enabled Spectrum Watches to be present online and reach a wider global audience. It has allowed Spectrum Watches to pivot to an online retail model as well as strengthen its offline wholesale model.

“Visual identity is just the tip of the iceberg; it is what shows the most. But it’s the story that needs to be told before any visuals can be created. This is where Orikami Lab spent most of its time and effort to go beyond just providing a new visual identity to their client. They went to the heart of the business and helped boost the business. We definitely could not have done it without their creative process,” said brand owner, Sabin Lakhani.

“Spectrum has a fantastic product, yet its appeal was limited among changemakers. For us, the challenge was not only to rethink the brand design and appeal, but to also create a niche brand identity that would help win over a whole new generation of customers. The implicit trust of the Spectrum team was our driving force as we conducted extensive market research, workshops with the team and created a new face for Spectrum as well as a strong digital footprint,” added Hiten Nainaney, co-founder and chief tech catalyst at Orikami Lab.

Orikami Lab identified Spectrum Watches’ customer groups through six distinctive personalities – including the ‘inventor’, the ‘creative and the ‘truth seeker’, ultimately leading to a celebration of the ‘changemakers’.

In addition to extending counsel for designing the watches to match different personalities, Spectrum also drove the launch of a total omnichannel brand package – covering conventional retailing and digital sales. “Today, consumers are used to digesting large amounts of imagery and content from brands daily through social media. Recognising this, we created an image bank consisting of over 300 images including animations that accompanies a marketing programme, which will roll out this year on social media,” stated Richie Nainaney, co-founder and design director at Orikami Lab.