Mango adapts website for the Middle East

RetailME Bureau

Fashion brand Mango has launched a newly adapted website and e-commerce portal for the Middle East. The adaptation not only involves the translation of, but includes major improvements relating to the browsing experience, user-friendliness and design.

Mango has also developed a new payment method to make shopping easier in these markets, as well as a specific function for this market, which simplifies purchasing transactions. This involves a virtual purse for each customer, which they can access at any moment and from any device. This adapts to the customer requirements, many of whom use alternative payment methods.

The Middle East is one of Mango’s key markets, accounting for over 7% of the chain’s total turnover. For over a decade   the   brand   has   had   a   special   collections department focusing on creating exclusive designs adapted to the local market needs, taking its cultural and religious aspects into consideration. The newly adapted website is a step forward in the brand’s commitment to the region.