Splash launches sixth edition calendar

RetailME Bureau

Dubai-based high street fashion retailer Splash recently launched its limited edition calendar under the theme ‘Love for the Planet’. The calendar, which takes the fashion route to raise awareness about environmental issues, was unveiled by Raza Beig, CEO, Splash and Iconic.

Well-known fashion photographer Tejal Patni captures and interprets the essence of this topical challenge, while international designer Furne Amato takes styling to the next level. Each month focuses on a specific challenge from a checklist of 11 goals ranging from ‘No Poverty’ to ‘No Hunger’, ‘Education Everywhere’ and ‘Industry Innovation’.

The images surrealistically highlight the challenge featured in each month, the lavish sets and props bringing the calendar to life. For example, ‘Peace’ has a powerful image of a woman in a flowing camouflage dress with pigeons flying out, the message being that a single act for world peace is more powerful than a million wars. ‘Clean Water’ emphasises the importance of our basic right to this priceless luxury of life, with a model vacuuming a cloud to obtain pure water, while ‘Climate Change’ has a model symbolically stitching up the sky. The year ends with a December image urging everyone to open their hearts to a future of opportunities and prosperous possibilities.

“Fashion is a powerful mode of expression and we took this ambitious route, drawing inspiration from global goals set by world leaders. The sixth edition of the Splash calendar seeks to spread the word and get people to take note of these pressing global challenges. The images tastefully and strikingly blend fashion with these challenges to convey the underlying message that it is possible to achieve a society devoid of poverty and injustice,” emphasises Beig.