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September 5, 2023 | By Anurima Das

Flormar was born in the fashion capital of the world, Milan and then it flourished in Türkiye and the brand joined the French Groupe Rocher in 2012 to continue its growth journey in a bigger way. Today, Flormar is positioned as one of the most popular makeup brands in the world with nearly 100,000 sales points in more than 70 countries and 800 stores in 200 cities worldwide. Matthieu Gomart, CEO, Flormar speaks to us to discuss opportunities and how the brand is growing at every turn.

Understanding the category evolution
Gomart admits that the makeup category is vibrant, lively and highly innovative. During COVID, the category got reoriented courtesy of a few product segments. Lipstick for instance was not so much in demand initially owing to the mask mandate. However, it has faced a rebound and today it has helped change the face of the industry by coming more in demand. But post-COVID the trend is very dynamic with double-digit growth becoming the norm of the day for makeup in the face, eye and lips segments. However, he hints that the category is dynamic, and the consumer demands are only growing pushing the limits of the industry to expand and hit new heights of success.

“For us every woman is unique, and they need to be given only the best when it comes to makeup. That’s why we are always looking at ways to make it comfortable, colourful, and extremely sustainable for our customers, across all age groups. We broadly cater to women across the age group of 18 to 35 years. Our USP is not only the high-quality product we offer but also our accessibility (omnichannel coverage on one hand, price positioning on the other hand) and our customer experience with special service in our own stores,” Gomart mentioned.

Originally a nail polish brand, Flormar has built its reputation across all make-up segments in the last 10 years. There is a strong push to gain market share in all categories with some significant success in the eye (Hero Mascara, Midnight Matte Eyeliner, Brow-up Highlighter) and face segments (Perfect Coverage Foundation, Stay Perfect Concealer).

Running R&D, developing and manufacturing in-house, Flormar is focused on delivering the best quality products while staying very affordable vs. direct competition. Prices are managed market by market to remain competitive and attractive to local consumers. The quality of products and customer experience is the visible growth driver for the brand, and it allowed Flormar to increase its customer base over time and today it has a stronger and bigger customer strength as compared to other brands. It will only continue and accelerate.

Building loyalty
Make-up is less about loyalty than certain other categories such as skin care. But it is still important to gain constant recognition from your existing customers, Gomart informs. Flormar has over 2 million customers in Türkiye, of which about 35% are active users. So, when it comes to loyalty programs the brand always tries to target this domestic base of customers with new launches, offers, and multiple other initiatives to keep them glued to the brand and its latest happenings.

Flormar distribution model is omnichannel: mass distribution including marketplaces and stand-alone stores. It allows for widespread accessibility to consumers as well as special services in stores such as advisory as well as instant make-up services.

“Our partnership with mass distribution is critical as it brings physical access to the brand and we benefit in Türkiye from very fruitful cooperation with national accounts such as Gratis and Watsons,” Gomart adds.

Technology focused
Make-up category is about the human touch and of course technology. Technology is developed in stores with make-up try-on capabilities that have proved to be effective with several customers. Moreover, technology is critical to help streamline more and more complex processes so that consumers can be delivered the right products at the right time on the channel they have chosen. Supply chain optimization became highly critical. With regards to e-commerce and digital, Flormar has made huge progress over the last 2 years with a new web platform allowing it to offer the best journey to consumers. In Trendyol, which is the biggest marketplace in Türkiye, Flormar is now N1 brand in terms of followers.

Future plans
N1 on the Turkish market and top 5 in the Middle East and Northern Africa, Flormar has strong ambition for the upcoming years.“On its offer at first is to come up with innovative, qualitative, and ‘green&clean’ solutions and products with strong make-up pay-offs. With regards to the geographical footprint, Flormar is determined to grow its leadership in Turkiye and the MENA region, taking any opportunities to continue expand on the international scene from its current base of 70 markets worldwide,” Gomart signs off.

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