6thStreet.com and Apparel Group along with Marsaana test interactive live shopping

RetailME Bureau

UAE-based e-commerce platform 6thStreet.com and Apparel Group in partnership with boutique PR and communication agency, Marsaana has announced that they will be hosting an Interactive Live Shopping experience for consumers with different brands each week.

Interactive Live Shopping events for consumers are revolutionizing e-commerce today. The concept, originating in China, is rapidly expanding across the globe as the exponential growth in e-commerce and video streaming is facilitating the shift in consumer behaviour towards live shopping.

“We believe that the entertaining and value adding Live Shopping Experience will become an essential part of e-commerce in the near future. With live shopping video marketing, companies receive immediate engagement, strengthen, and personalize their brand profile, and ultimately increase sales” says Marsa von Walzel, Founder and CEO of Marsaana and UAE resident for more than 20 years.

The live shopping events, usually 45-60 minutes in length, take place in the companies’ own online store platforms using live streaming. An influencer or a company expert introduces the products and consumers have the opportunity to add them directly to their shopping basket and buy them during the event. The consumers also have a chance to communicate with the influencer or expert on live chat, creating a personalized and interactive event and increasing the conversion and add-to-cart ratios. Cosmetics and fashion companies have been first to adapt the concept, but the trend is rapidly expanding to other areas, such as car retail and real estate.

“While the events currently take place on the online stores, they can also be adapted into a one-on-one shopping experience between a physical store and customer and become a significant source of revenue for these stores as well – there is no limit for growth within the live shopping”, concludes Marsa von Walzel.