Significance of Lighting in Retail Space brought to you by Cion Lighting


Our Panelists:

  • Paul Imbusch, Creative Visual Merchandising Manager
  • Michael Ripfl, General Manager, Global Brand & Travel Retail, Umdasch
  • Andrea Girardello, Business Director, CION Lighting

Moderated by Justina Eitzinger, COO, Images Group Middle East



3:00 till 3:05PM: Welcome note and Introduction

3:05 till 3:25PM: Cion Product Launch and Factory Tour

3:25 till 3:45PM: Keynote speeches

3:45 till 4PM: Q&A



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    Justina Eitzinger
    Justina Eitzinger
    COO - Images RetailME
    Paul Imbusch
    Paul Imbusch
    Creative Visual Merchandising Manager

    Paul Imbusch is a consultant Visual Merchandiser based in London. He’s been working in retail as visual Merchandising for the past 20 years. His past roles have been European VM manager for brands such as: Levi’s, Esprit in Dusseldorf, Michael Kors in London, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, Liberty Dept store here in London & The late great Barneys New York.  

    He has been working freelance since 2019 and prides himself on perfect execution, commercially minded & a friendly, personable tailor-made service that’s predominantly focussed on apparel

    Bringing to life brand vision and promoting commerciality at every opportunity is key for him.

    Michael Ripfl
    Michael Ripfl
    General Manager, Global Brand & Travel Retail - Umdasch

    Michael Ripfl is the General Manager for Global Brand and Travel Retail projects with umdasch The Store Makers. Since more than 25years in store design, project realization and a global background on projects in Europe, China, Russia and Africa. Now specifically in the Middle East he manages travel retail operators and brands in the region, such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Bahrain, Beirut, Cyprus and more. His relationship with the travel retail industry makes him the central point of contact for the airport, ferries and cruise liners, border shops and brand retailers.