World’s largest Monoprix Hypermarket debuts at Doha Festival City

RetailME Bureau

Doha Festival City – one the largest entertainment, retail and hospitality destinations in Qatar, managed and operated by Al-Futtaim – is now home to the world’s largest Monoprix Hypermarket. The French retail chain’s store, spanning 75,347 sqft, boasts more than 35,000 high quality goods within its location.

Monoprix has introduced a concept that creates a variety of dedicated in-store experiences for its clientele – ranging from restaurants to a dedicated candy section, clothing and electronics, kitchen gadgets and organic food items, aiming to modify the consumer’s retail experience.

The new Monoprix outlet, the second in Qatar, is unique in many ways. It has an extensive range of locally known brands – including the widest range of fresh items from local farmers. Bringing its own French heritage to Qatar, the store also includes an authentic French bakery, MCrust, and an impressive ‘La Cave à Fromage’, which is stocked with a wide selection of the finest international cheeses. Popular international brands also appear across the store including Kusmi Tea, Kitchen Aid and Smeg.

“After many months of anticipation, we are tremendously proud to finally welcome the public to our world-class destination and to Qatar’s largest Monoprix outlet. Introducing some of the best names in leisure, retail and hospitality this holistic mix is sure to become one of the must-visit destinations in Doha with the ultimate shopping experience,” says Trevor Hill, general manager, Doha Festival City Mall.

The huge crowd that gathered to celebrate the opening was happily surprised with the wide range of dining options the store had to offer. Apart from the already popular Monoprix Fish M Fish, SaladM and MCrust, the new store also has an MGrill, MPizzeria and Crepe M Waffles.

“We are delighted to announce that our newest and largest outlet is now open. We want the people of Qatar to experience the extraordinary world of Monoprix and enjoy every bit of it. This is not just a supermarket, it is a world of its own where you can shop, eat and unwind,” adds Sebastien Farhat, Monoprix’s regional general manager.