Nespresso opens new concept store in Dubai Marina Mall

RetailME Bureau

Nespresso has launched a new boutique in Dubai Marina Mall. Located on the ground floor of the mall, Nespresso’s new concept store spans 645 sqft, and is a true celebration of coffee and its origins.

Every element in the boutique from the muted colour palette of rich coffee browns and crema-inspired golds to the floor tiles and lamps that echo those used on the coffee farms have been carefully designed to link to coffee. Even the inclusion of lush greenery spaces, bushes and shade trees are used to mimic the coffee plantations that are part of the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality Program.

The concept, which first launched in Cannes is now being rolled out around the world. The new boutique has been designed to immerse guests in a bespoke coffee journey encouraging exploration. Made up of two sensory touchpoints – a Sensorial Welcome and Discovery at the Bar – each has been carefully designed to enhance the retail experience. Future Nespresso boutiques in the region will house up to five customer-focused sensory touchpoints.

“We are extremely proud that the Middle East has become one of the first regions in the world to showcase the new Nespresso Boutique concept to our customers,” says Julien Mario, regional business manager for Middle East & Africa at Nespresso. “The concept has been carefully crafted from start to finish, taking visitors on a journey through carefully sequenced areas that encourage the celebration of coffee moments, much like the creation of our coffee. At the forefront of the design is technology, which allows us to deliver an effortless purchase experience. We hope that these elements not only heighten the consumer experience, but allow them to experience Nespresso in a whole new way.”

Within the boutique Nespresso’s commitment to sustainability is clearly showcased. In line with the brand’s ambition to achieve a network of 100% environmentally friendly boutiques by 2020, a certified protocol is being implemented to closely measure and reduce the carbon footprint of each new opening. The boutiques also boast table-tops made from used coffee grounds from the Nespresso factory in Switzerland, wood that has been 100% sourced from reforestation programmes, technological systems to reduce energy and water consumption, a recycling collection point and a bespoke artwork inspired by the local touch.