Meydan One is creating an engaging retail mix

Rupkatha Bhowmick

Meydan One, part of Meydan Group, is a next-generation, super-regional, integrated destination scheduled to open is Dubai next year. Some of the striking features of Meydan One include over 650 retail outlets, more than180 restaurants with indoor and al fresco dining, an imposing retractable skylight, a massive experience zone, a 21-screen Cinépolis, an interactive dancing fountain, an indoor ski slope with a winter village and a Crystal Lagoon with a 300-metre long sandy beach, to name a few.

“We are fortunate to be in a market that holds a shopping mall in a different light compared to the rest of the world,” opined Fahad Abdulrahim Kazim, vice president of Meydan Malls, Meydan Group. “Culturally, it is a meeting point that works in our favour. But we don’t want to put together something that the market has already seen. We are trying our best to plan our retail mix differently, making it a unique experience for our visitors.”

Meydan One has dedicated 15% of the mall space to entertainment, to create a broad enough portfolio of offerings for children, teenagers, adults and families. Cinema megaplex like Cinépolis, entertainment concepts like E-Karting and iconic attractions form integral parts of the entertainment zone.

“We have decided to create eight-nine different entertainment zones at different price points. One of the highlights is the globally largest fountain that we are developing. However, instead of projecting it as the world’s largest we have been working on ways to make the experience unique, beautifully complementing the compelling portfolio that Dubai already has on offer,” Kazim stated. “That’s why we have collaborated with a globally leading fountain designer who treats fountains as art installations just like we treat the entire development as an art piece.” The long-term goal is to plan exciting activations around the events space and the fountain show.

In addition, Meydan, as a project, has pushed the agenda of sports, wellness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, with an area dedicated to sports. “Our bike track extends into the mall. We have consciously decided to create an ecosystem that speaks to the surrounding community as opposed to just being a destination. After all, a shopping mall will only succeed if it can encourage longer dwell time. For this to happen, it has to go beyond being a transaction-oriented location. And, by the way, this is an economically viable model because a happy visitor will become a happy customer,” Kazim observed. “It’s not only about shopping in a store; it is also about watching a movie at the cinema, having a nice meal at a restaurant, running some errands as well as shopping.”

“As a nation-wide agenda, the UAE and Dubai have been closely focusing on creating a happy environment by promoting a positive lifestyle. We are also aligning with this goal,” he concluded.