Innovation: UAE-based entertainment business The Smash Room launches at-home kit

Rupkatha Bhowmick

Home-grown leisure business, The Smash Room has launched an innovative product called the Smashbox, to still connect with its audience at the current time of social distancing.

Akin to a rage room, The Smash Room encourages visitors to break things – from discarded VCRs to CPUs as well as televisions, refrigerators and cars. At a time when entertainment centres have shut down in the UAE to contain the spread of COVID-19, The Smash Room has decided to deliver a similar experience to the doorstep of its audience.

The Smashbox has been designed keeping in mind that quarantine can be stressful and people might need an outlet to vent their pent-up anxiety. The kit consists of hygienic gloves, toilet roll, a hammer and an electronic box that can be smashed but safely. Later, the smashed electronics can be placed in a recycling bin/centre when it is safe to step out. In fact, operating a business that requires smashing electronics and even cars, The Smash Room recycles an average of 15,000 electronics every year.

Ibrahim Abudyak, co-founder & managing partner, The Smash Room

When asked whether this innovative step will help The Smash Room to stay afloat, co-founder & managing partner Ibrahim Abudyak said, “We have just launched Smashbox By The Smash Room, and hoping it will first bring some relief to people staying at home from some stress and anxiety, while also providing us with much needed cash flow relief. Whether this will contribute in helping us stay afloat will be a question of time.”

“We have had to close our doors since March 15; since then we have clocked zero revenues, while many fixed costs remain the same,” he added.

At this time of crisis, as a responsible business, The Smash Room has also decided to continue to support its team with 100% pay and no reduction regardless whether they work from home or not work at all.