The GCC market in dried fruits is expected to reach $9.50b by 2025

April 14, 2022 | By Zubina Ahmed

What is a perfect healthy snack for Ramadan? An assortment of  dried fruit and nuts during iftar or suhoor isn’t it? Infact with the rise of health-conscious consumers, demand for dried fruit and nuts have grown. The lengthy shelf life, busy lifestyles, health benefits and easy-to-munch snack which require minimum preparation appeals to consumers more these days. The global dried fruits market is expected to grow from $6.34 billion in 2020 to $7.05 billion in 2021 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.1%. The market is expected to reach $9.50 billion in 2025 at a CAGR of 7.8%, as per the report. The GCC market in the in the premium nuts, chocolates industry has definitely seen a rise in demand for healthy, on the go products that will satisfy cravings.

Major players operating in the dried fruits sector are focused on introducing new flavored dried fruits into the market to strengthen their position. International retail brand Carpo, has officially opened its flagship store in the Middle East to welcome guests to the ‘carpo experience’. “The store will serve a wide range of Products and Beverages, from Himalayan and sea-salted to raw nuts, a delicious variety of chocolate pieces, pralines, truffles, pasteli, and Florentines. Also, it will offer masterly prepared coffees along with handmade desserts, such as rice pudding, semolina halva, and brioche that all guests can enjoy in-store. Moreover, the store will feature an amazing range of dried fruits in season, as well as Greek honey and other healthy delicacies” said the founder of Carpo Konstantinos Kontopoulos. 

With a 30 year heritage, Carpo’s newest location at the Fashion Avenue, Dubai Mall, is the latest addition to the company’s chain of ten existing stores operating in prominent locations across London and Greece.  Founded in Athens in 1991, Carpo has been active in the field of importing, processing, packaging and merchandising nuts and dried fruits. In recent years, Carpo has expanded its operations into the retail market with an innovative concept where the three basic categories of their products are prevalent: nuts, chocolate & coffee. Following the opening of the Carpo Kolonaki store, the company operates ten stores in total, six in Greece and four in the UK. They opened its first store in the Middle East at The Dubai Mall in collaboration with Americana Group. “The launch of our flagship store in the Middle East has been long envisioned, and the natural next step in carpo’s expansion. Previous to opening our store in The Dubai Mall, our clients would visit us during their travels and order our products independently, for their special occasions. Our clients are at the heart of everything we do, and we’re humbled to have such high demand and customer loyalty in the Gulf”, said Konstantinos. 

One of the biggest trends on the market today are sugar free products that consumers can indulge in while still following the trending diets, and we have evolved to cater to the growing trend. Nuts not only offer nutritional benefits, but may help to control body weight and reduce the risk of diabetes. This is especially important as obesity rates continue to rise across developed nations. “Dried fruits are also well-known sources of dietary fiber, which has a direct effect on gastrointestinal function. Our guests are on the lookout for premium quality dried fruits that are equally satisfying. We offer a wide range of dried fruits such as apple chunks with cinnamon, figs, cherries, kiwis, pomelo slices, and pitted apricots. To cater to the healthy consumer, we offer both sugar free, and sweetened options, to cater to all palettes, and dietary restrictions”, elaborated Konstantinos . In addition, traditional dried fruits also provide essential nutrients, such as fiber and potassium, and a wide range of phytochemicals that have been related to health promotion and antioxidant capacity.

Both nuts and dried fruits can be consumed as a snack, on top of cereal, in yogurt, salads and pasta, and can provide us with some important health benefits.These products are easy to eat, a good source of protein, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber and are considered a good replacement for high-calorie snacks.  The market size in the GCC is constantly growing, in 2017 the market for chocolate alone stood at $1.3bn and is projected to grow over 12% to reach 2.6bn by next year. The healthy snack and confectionery segment has continued to be on the rise, particularly post pandemic, as this caused a major increase in the health-conscious consumer. Since the launch of our first location, Carpo has seen promising and steady growth, with high demand in prominent locations globally. We plan to increase our footprint, and further our expansion across the GCC to make our products, and distinctive customer journey more accessible”, stated Konstantinos. 

The brand has become a favorite of GCC royals and had previously been bought  by the shipload for royal weddings and special occasions for gifting. “ It is a great honor for us to be distinguished as a love brand among the royal and prestigious families around the world. Since the opening, our first carpo store has been a destination for people from different cultures and social economic backgrounds. Following our values, we offer to every guest the same level of experience” concluded Konstantinos. 



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