Jumbo unveils attractive promotions for DSF 2016

RetailME Bureau

UAE-based Jumbo Electronics has announced a range of competitive offers and promotions featuring the latest products in the market at this year’s Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF).

This year, Jumbo has lined up more offers than ever before on all major categories such as tablets, smartphones, laptops, wearables, cameras and televisions as the company celebrates its 21st year as a key DSF sponsor.

Jumbo’s key promotion this year is called ‘DSF Gold Bonanza’, where 32 lucky daily winners will be rewarded with 10 grams of gold each, and four weekly winners will be rewarded with 500 grams of gold each.

“Jumbo Group is delighted to be a part of another season of DSF – Dubai’s busiest shopping season – with a host of exciting retail and entertainment offerings and to have the privilege to be a key sponsor of this iconic global festival once again,” says Jumbo CEO Vishesh Bhatia.

“Since its inception DSF has played an instrumental role in raising Dubai’s profile globally as a city that is home to the best brands, outlets, malls, and entertainment. We are proud to once again be part of the season this year and providing Jumbo with a strong platform for growth. DSF 2015 brought about a sales increase of 15% for Jumbo, and an increase of 10% in comparison to the average sales month. This DSF, we are anticipating a similar growth pattern.”

There is a real hunger among the public to replace and buy the latest electronic products and this is a trend that Jumbo expects to see continue into 2016, observes Nadeem Khanzadah, head of omnichannel retail, Jumbo Electronics. “The replacement cycle for electronics here is shorter than the global average, which adds to the positive outlook for the technology sector in the region.

“In addition, global brands are launching new products in the market at a faster rate, influenced by the fact that MENA consumers are tech-savvy and have high spending power. Moreover, the UAE continues to grow its popularity as a shopping destination, further boosting technology spending,” he explains.

Khanzadah also believes that wearable technology will be a growing trend in the future. “As smartphones continue to dominate in the consumer electronics retail sector, another upcoming segment is wearable technology which has grown exponentially in recent years. Smart watches, the companion devices for smartphones and a high-growth segment, will potentially replace fitness wearables by 2017.

“This is further driven by the fact that today’s consumers, especially the younger demographic, are a generation of ‘social media sharers’ who are comfortable with the ubiquitous smart devices. Differentiation will remain a key challenge for retailers. However, at Jumbo we have incorporated a strategy of extending exclusive experiences to customers, combined with in-store and online buying experiences that address today’s changing realities and customer expectation,” Khanzadah emphasises.

Jumbo estimates the sales growth in the smartphone category to be approximately 20% during 2016, and the growth for wearables to be 100%.