Al-Futtaim Watches & Jewellery launches exclusive Seiko boutique in the UAE

RetailME Bureau

Al-Futtaim Watches & Jewellery, distributor of Seiko watches in the UAE, has launched an exclusive Seiko boutique on the ground floor of Sahara Centre in Sharjah.

The Seiko boutique was officially inaugurated today by Shunji Tanaka, senior vice president – sales & marketing, Seiko; Paul Delaoutre, president – retail, Al-Futtaim; and Sachin Wadhwa, managing director, Al-Futtaim Watches & Jewellery, attended by senior management and guests of Al-Futtaim.

“We are extremely pleased to introduce this retail format to the shoppers in the UAE. The new Seiko exclusive boutique is going to be very different to what watch aficionados are used to in the country and I am happy to have played an active part in elevating their shopping experience. This showroom will feature some of our most sophisticated watches and will cater specifically to those customers who value finesse and craftsmanship in everything they own,” says Delaoutre.

The new Seiko boutique has a contemporary feel representing the brand’s pursuit of luxury and innovation. Unlike any other Seiko store, this exclusive boutique has a mix of glossy wood-grain panels and stainless-steel hair line joints that are lit from three directions, with indirect high-visibility LED lighting, imported from the Netherlands, to illuminate and accentuate the central Seiko logo.

The boutique has multiple features to hint towards the exclusivity of the products on offer. For example, the black stone used to create the wall behind the Grand Seiko display was imported specially from Italy and the exterior wall of the store is made of limestone to add a feel of distinct individuality.

The store uses increased colour rendering properties by blending two colour temperatures to highlight the watches on display. The shopping experience is rendered luxurious through the seating arrangements and refreshments.

“This boutique is a showcase of Seiko’s craftsmanship and technologies in watchmaking. This will not be just another store, but also serve as an exhibition of our highest quality products such as Grand Seiko and Astron. With time, we expect it to generate awareness about the versatility and innovation represented by a range of products that will appeal to a much wider range of consumers,” adds Tanaka.

The exclusive Seiko boutique will be the latest edition to a global network of 68 existing boutiques and will house some specific models that will not be available at any other store in the country.

“At Al-Futtaim Watches & Jewellery, we are always looking for new ways to excite and surprise our customers. The exclusive Seiko boutique is probably the jewel of our offering and the closest we have come to making our brand more accessible to watch connoisseurs in the country,” comments Wadhwa