Choithrams helps in restoring the gift of sight

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UAE-based grocery chain Choithrams helps in restoring the gift of sight through Choithram Netralaya that offers free eye surgery and low-cost treatment in rural India. Choithrams Every year, Choithram Netralaya restores the vision of more than 25,000 people coming from the Central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

As part of Choithram International Foundation (CIF), the philanthropic arm of Choithrams, the eye hospital joins several other welfare institutes to provide an ever-expanding ambit of care and commitment towards humanitarian causes in healthcare and education across the globe. And ahead of Eid Al Adha, the Choithram International Foundation has released ‘Gift of Sight’ – a compilation of stories, figures, analyses and insights, chronicling the journey from darkness to light. It highlights how 75% of the visually impaired persons in the world could have their vision restored, given an intervention of goodness, collaboration and intervention.

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“Choithram Netralaya may have been in operation for more than 25 years, transforming thousands of lives with the gift of sight, but avoidable blindness remains a major threat to development globally. It is denying families, young people a chance to a better life. The application of innovative technologies can help in scaling our reach exponentially. We are looking to collaborate at Expo 2020 next year to bring actionable global solutions that can bring down the high incidence of avoidable blindness. Our work has just begun,” said L.T. Pagarani, chairman, Choithrams.

As Choithrams helps in restoring the gift of sight, during a three-month annual mega camp, before COVID-19, Choithram Netralaya had conducted more than 10,000 free cataract surgeries, serving the needy population in rural India. The eye hospital facility outside the city of Indore can accommodate more than 250 patients across 8 general wards with a provision of 12 fully-equipped operating theatres. A team of 13 specialists perform cataract surgeries.


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