Vivafit debuts in the UAE

RetailME Bureau

Portugal-based fitness brand Vivafit will launch its first UAE branch in Abu Dhabi this October. The women-only gym concept will offer health and fitness modules that are fully integrated with positive lifestyle change, weight loss management, nutrition, fitness and coaching.

“Vivafit is suited to this market and fills a big gap especially among UAE women. This is an advanced fitness centre created for women that specifically takes into consideration how she works, lives and takes care of her well-being. The centre’s 30 minute ‘interval power workout’ is aimed at busy women in Abu Dhabi and it changes the way they see workouts,” says Otima Bhanot, area developer of Vivafit.

Bhanot adds that Vivafit’s long-term plans include opening up four centres in Abu Dhabi to extend the programme’s reach to larger numbers of women, and it also includes inviting dedicated dieticians and nutritionists to help women change their lifestyle.

“The concept of Vivafit is to make exercising enjoyable, so women are not subjected to the stereotypical monotony of most fitness programs.  Our methodology makes fitness ‘efficient’ so it is possible for a woman to attain the desired result not through daily gym visits but only 3 times a week for 30 minutes each time. This completely liberates a woman who is juggling multiple responsibilities of work and family,” says Pedro Ruiz, co-founder of Vivafit.