Snapchat launches fashion-forward spectacles in the UAE

RetailME Bureau

Snapchat, the multimedia messaging app, has launched two new spectacles styles – Nico and Veronica – in exclusive retail outlets in the UAE. Spectacles are Snapchat’s popular camera sunglasses designed to make it easy to capture the world, as the wearer sees it.

Snapchat has partnered with Lime Concepts to bring the new designer spectacles to Virgin Megastores across the UAE in addition to Jumbo Electronics.

With the introduction of Nico and Veronica, Snapchat is excited to offer more choice within the Spectacles 2 family, and two frame options that look and feel like premium, classic eyewear. Both designs come in glossy black-on-black and now have polarised lenses, combining form and function to create the brand’s most fashionable hands-free camera to date.

Veronica and Nico capture a day’s worth of videos on a single charge, are water resistant, equipped with dual-microphones for high-quality audio capture and store hundreds of Snaps at a time owing to their built-in memory. The company’s new, semi-soft protective case is also more portable than ever. The spectacles have an LED indicator light which illuminates when Nico and Veronica are recording or capture a photo.

With the spectacles on, there is no need to pull out a phone. HD photos or videos can be clicked by tapping the button at the temple. When the user is ready, Snaps transfer in seconds to Snapchat. Alternatively, the snaps can be exported as circular, horizontal or square photo and video formats for saving, editing and sharing anywhere.