Johnson’s launches new range of gentler baby products

Rupkatha Bhowmick

Global brand Johnson’s has launched a new range of gentler products for babies using fewer and safer ingredients. This came as a response to modern parenting needs and preferences. With more and more parents across markets – including Egypt, the UAE and Saudi Arabia – citing product quality as their main concern for babies, the response reaffirms Johnson’s commitment to delivering products built by and for today’s modern parents.

“We spoke to more than 26,000 parents around the world, including the GCC, to understand their needs in the baby product category,” shared Frances Ganges, Johnson’s scientific engagement liaison for baby and feminine care in EMEA.

“The ingredients used in our new range of baby products are 96% derived from natural sources. We have used ingredients like coconut oil, cotton, chamomile and green tea leaves,” she added. “At the same time, we strongly believe that being natural is not more important than being safe. And there are several natural products that could be harsh for babies. That’s why, we don’t use essential oils in our baby product range. In fact, we have rejected over 400 ingredients as their safety profiles didn’t meet our high safety standards.”

Labelled “a new standard of gentle,” Johnson’s transformation focuses primarily on creating products for the changing demands and expectations of young mothers who have adopted a simpler, more natural and eco-friendly approach to nurturing their children.

As part of the product launch, Johnson’s also announced five promises around creating safer and gentler products for babies.

The first and third promises are to only use ingredients that serve a purpose, and to be honest and open. New formulas are simpler and gentler, and are developed to be even milder than before, boasting 100% total ingredient transparency. Using more naturally derived and 50% fewer ingredients, the new range is even kinder without dyes and sulphates, and free of parabens and phthalates.

The second promise is to never stop raising the bar when it comes to what’s best for babies. “When we put a product on the shelf, we don’t stop there. We continuously work hard to raise the bar through research, evaluation, assessment and feedback from public,” Ganges observed.

Johnson’s fourth promise number is to think like a parent first. Johnson’s scientists are parents first, which means they develop products with the same care and rigour they would want for their own children.

The brand’s transformation is underpinned by a final promise around its fundamental mission to create a world where every baby can thrive. That’s why the Johnson’s line now ranges from new born to active baby, to kids.

“In addition, as the world becomes more serious about sustainability, Johnson’s has made a commitment that by 2025, all our product containers will be recyclable. Already we use 20% less water in our manufacturing facilities. That’s our way of being gentler on the environmental ecosystem,” Ganges concluded.