Malls In MENA

A guide to shopping centres in the MENA region

Images RetailME is proud to announce the launch of the first volume of Malls in MENA print and digital guide to be released in December 2021 during a Gala Awards ceremony. The handbook will comprise of a comprehensive reference guide of shopping centres across the Middle East & North Africa region, highlighting their specialities and differentiating features.

When temperatures soar to 40°C (104°F) common in many countries, particularly the GCC countries, people tend to flock to the air-conditioned shopping malls and state-of-the-art lifestyle centres. Families come to stroll, shop, dine out, watch movies, and play arcade games. Thanks to growing consumer demand, incredible architectural engineering, and a willingness to invest on a grand scale, this is where shopping malls are palatial with many of them with snow-themed leisure options.

The handbook will include a review of the retail industry, focusing on the shopping centres, statistics, case studies and profiles of leading industry players.

The handbook will comprise a comprehensive data on malls of all formats. These will include Destination malls, Super regional malls, regional malls, strip malls, themed malls, community malls/centres, neighbourhood centres and outlet centres.

All the malls compiled in the handbook will get a chance to be nominated for the Images RetailME Shopping Centre Awards 2021.

We invite you to use this opportunity to feature your projects, both existing and upcoming, by submitting the relevant information in the form.

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