Warm, waterproof clothing sales surge in the UAE

RetailME Bureau

Warm jumpers and waterproof clothing witness an upsurge due to rain and cold weather in the UAE in recent weeks. In March, temperatures have dropped to unusual lows of 2.6 degrees celsius and have combined with storms and showers for unique weather patterns across the emirates.

Johnny Bowen, managing director of outdoor clothing company Great British Outfitters, said year-on-year figures for the first quarter of 2019 against 2018 show an average increase of around 26% in the warm clothing range. In the past three weeks there has been a surge in sales of rainproof jackets to the UAE.

“We have built sales to the UAE for many years as there is a great demand for British clothing which is classically designed and rooted in tradition. But often the sales come when people from the UAE are going on holidays where the climate is colder. This year we are seeing them buy jumpers and jackets to wear in the UAE and we have had some really interesting chats with customers about this. With the rain on top of that it has been really unusual,” he added. “Last week we put free delivery on orders to the UAE for more than AED1000 and it’s been great for business.”