Union Coop releases first update of its electronic share trading platform

RetailME Bureau

UAE-based consumer cooperative, Union Coop has launched the first update of its electronic share trading platform, which will allow shareholders to view the best ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ share orders during their daily trading sessions.

“The registered shareholders will be able to view the best buy and sell orders daily during their respective trading sessions, indicating the number of shares and their prices, which will facilitate their decision-making process,” said Khalid Al Falasi, CEO. Union Coop

According to him, this latest update is adjacent to the best practices adopted by international share markets to ensure transparent transactions and secure shareholders’ equity.

“Since the launch of Union Coop’s electronic share-trading platform in May this year, Union Coop’s share prices have been remarkably stable. This platform allows shareholders to trade freely, efficiently and securely,” he said. “We have stopped rumours on social media and fake trading of shares that are being spread to mislead the shareholders in order to harm the share value as well as the shareholders by some of the brokers by linking share value directly to the ‘Demand and Supply’,” Al Falasi added.