Shirley Conlon Organics’ conscious approach towards doing business

Rupkatha Bhowmick

UAE-born beauty brand Shirley Conlon Organics is cruelty-free, conscious and a propagator of positive change in lifestyle. Since its launch in 2012, Shirley Conlon Organics has established a reputation of being responsible in every aspect of the business – sourcing, formulating and packaging as well as in its approach to doing business. Right from the beginning, the brand chose to use glass bottles for packaging, much before the eradication of plastic became a global movement.

“It was essential for me to create a brand that is truly ‘local’ for several reasons. I wanted our products to be made in small batches, locally and packaged in glass bottles using labels made from biodegradable materials with no outer packaging. I wanted to create a ‘made in Dubai’ brand for the people of Dubai,” states Shirley Conlon, brand founder and trained cosmetologist and cosmetic formulator.

The brand makes conscious use of local ingredients, such as date extracts, shea butter and rosehip, in its products. And Conlon claims to have instantly fallen in love with dates when she first arrived in Dubai, using it to make cakes, snacks and so on. “Eventually, we have started using this antioxidant-rich ingredient – date extracts – in our products that are proven to reduce wrinkling by 80%,” she shares. “We use ingredients for their true benefits and not for our product labels to look good. We use the maximum allowed percentage of these ingredients in our products, so customers feel the benefits. And I constantly look for local ingredients, such as frankincense from Oman and certified organic rose water from Jebel Akhdar.”

A journey that started with a couple of products has expanded over time to 16 SKUs across face and body categories, which are increasing. Currently, Shirley Conlon Organics products can be purchased online on the brand’s e-commerce store and found in select retail touchpoints, including Queens Beauty Lounge and Greenheart Organic Farm Shop. Going forward, Conlon is keen to sell her products in high-end beauty outlets and hotel spas.

However, she is not in a hurry to open a standalone store. “It could take four-five years or more,” she says, while revealing some forthcoming launches that will take Shirley Conlon Organics’ commitment as a conscious retailer to the next level. Think about edible packaging!

“Our level of consciousness is a huge differentiating factor for Shirley Conlon Organics. After all, the world doesn’t need another brand with bottles ending up in the landfill,” Conlon concludes.