SAP launches IoT solutions to foster digitalisation

Rupkatha Bhowmick

SAP has announced new Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for its digital innovation system SAP Leonard, helping Middle East customers to drive digital transformation, realise business value, and connect to use case scenarios.

The recently announced SAP Leonardo digital innovation system has been enhanced to include new accelerators for industries and the IoT, extended tools for SAP Build and new Cloud Foundry packages for SAP Cloud Platform for partners.

“More than 70% of global CEOs think the next three years will be more critical than the last 50 years, yet only 5% feel they have mastered digital innovation as a competitive advantage,” says Mala Anand, executive vice president and president of SAP Leonardo, Data & Insights at SAP.


“We’re helping customers drive business model and process changes by building innovative capabilities that integrate with our core business applications, making it easier for customers to quickly realise the value of digital transformation and at reasonable cost,” adds Anand.

SAP Leonardo innovation services 

SAP announced the launch of three new SAP Leonardo Innovation Services to help businesses connect new technologies to use case scenarios with the goal of shortening time to value.

Technologies covered include the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, analytics, Big Data, design thinking, blockchain and data intelligence. SAP Leonardo Innovation Services connect seamlessly with SAP Leonardo system to help customers manage their digital transformation.

“With the world becoming increasingly digital, businesses are at a crossroads,” says Michael Kleinemeier, member of the executive board of SAP SE, SAP digital business services, SAP. “SAP Leonardo Innovation Services provide customers with a safe way to experiment with new technologies and find the best fit for their business before making an investment in new technology.”

SAP also launched several new IoT solutions at the recent SAP Leonardo Live global summit in Frankfurt, Germany, including SAP Leonardo IoT Bridge, SAP Global Track and Trace, SAP Leonardo IoT Edge, SAP Digital Manufacturing Insights and SAP Asset Manager.

“With SAP Leonardo as our digital innovation system, our new solutions and the many customers and partners demonstrating real-life use cases with us at SAP Leonardo Live, we are defining the path to digital transformation with innovation that can scale across the entire organisation,” says Dr Tanja Rueckert, president, IoT and digital supply chain, SAP.