Sacoor Brothers opens flagship store in Portugal

RetailME Bureau

Fashion retailer Sacoor Brothers inaugurated its first flagship store in Portugal. Located on the first floor of the Centro Colombo in Lisbon, this is Sacoor Brothers’ largest store worldwide.

Spanning approximately 4,845 sqft, the store is divided into three distinct spaces – Man, Boy & Woman – with a strong emphasis on the latter, where it presents a wide range of clothing options and accessories for the female audience.

The flagship store wears a distinctive store concept and features a number of unprecedented additional services including Barber, Sharing Work Table, Touch Screen with Social Wall, Healthy Bar, In-House Tailor, DJ and fully stocked music store, all in a chic and super cool environment.

The digital presence in this store is also a must with digital screens to pass Sacoor Brothers’ content, and a social wall where all the photographs marked with #SacoorBrothers and related hashtags are shown. The façade of the store has a LED screen that in addition to the logo, passes several different pictures and videos throughout the day.

This new space intends to create for shopper the feeling of being in the living room of a Manhattan penthouse, hence the availability of some services such as espresso and bottled water, several sofas, works of art and sculptures among other details that mark the difference.

Differentiating and irreverent, this alignment is in line with the recent launch of Sacoor Brothers’ AW2017 collection, which aims to make a brand repositioning closer to a younger, more fashionable and trendy audience, taking advantage of the motto to communicate its offer to the public, demystifying the idea that the brand is essentially masculine.

The concept itself, colours and spaces are innovative, as they follow a line of revamping that the brand wants to do for new audiences, aiming to captivate them. This new concept is being launched first-hand in Portugal, where the brand was born, and because it is also the mission of Sacoor Brothers to shed spotlight on the country across borders.

“This opening is a very important milestone for the presentation of the new #SacoorNextGeneration store concept. This hashtag will be used for new projects, with the intention to lead the evolution of the brand,” says Francisco Simões, Sacoor Brothers marketing project leader. “Today there are many open perspectives and the brand also brings with this new concept a much greater emotional level to its campaigns, services and customer connection. #SacoorNextGeneration will be visible on all brand content, including the e-commerce store. This flagship store will define the service and image standard of our brand, which intends to reposition and involve the entire Sacoor family in the project. Also the launch of e-commerce will help in cementing the digital experience of this store, with the integration of a service omnichannel, among other novelties, which will also include the existence of devices in the store. The whole experience of the omnichannel world was created to think about the needs of our final customer.”

“Sacoor Brothers will soon celebrate 28 years of history. This means that we will soon be able to celebrate the opening of 115 stores in 13 countries – Portugal, Spain, Belgium, the UK, the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia,” adds CEO Europe Nelson Pinto.