RSA Global launches e-commerce fulfilment solution

RetailME Bureau

UAE-based supply chain solution provider, RSA Global has launched a fulfilment solution with a capability to process up to 10,000 consignments per day. With this, RSA Global plans to cater to digital sellers and e-commerce platforms eyeing the high potential markets of the Middle East and African continent.

RSA Global has made significant investments in technology and infrastructure that address the diverse challenges of these emerging markets and promises a sophisticated solution to elevate the customer experience in the following areas:

  • First mile: Digital operations that ensure complete visibility from the start
  • Linehaul: Partner air fleet to provide consistent efficiency in transit time
  • Customs clearance: Top performing agents powered with blockchain & artificial intelligence (AI) technology
  • Final mile: Mobile platform to handle last minute changes to delivery and to optimise route planning
  • Integration options: Multiple options to integrate via various technologies, such as EDI or APIs

RSA is leveraging its exclusive and extensive network to guarantee a robust and integrated fulfilment solution, with traceability at every step. The company is also designing multimodal shipping options to optimise cost and efficiency for clients with varying demands.

Since its founding in 2009, RSA Global has consistently wielded technology to provide visibility for its customers’ supply chains. Today, as it forges a journey towards digitising the entire freight forwarding process, the singular objective remains the same: transparency and control for clients. Users of RSA’s brand-new e-commerce solution will be able to track every milestone from first mile to last, on one platform. This visibility is critical for the healthy evolution of the product given the diverse operating processes of the different destinations. RSA’s partner network, with on the ground knowledge, provides a vantage point to overcome stringent local requirements.

“This is a culmination of all the services and products we have been building over the years to now serve who we believe will be the consumer of the future. With our strategic focus and investments in technology, we look forward to enabling consumers in the Middle East and Africa to gain greater access to the world,” states Abhishek Ajay Shah, co-founder & group CEO, RSA Global.