Oracle renders retail supply chain safer, more transparent

RetailME Bureau

Technology company, Oracle is helping retailers to maintain transparency across their global supply chain networks with new advancements in reporting and analytics and continued extension of integrations. Oracle Retail Brand Compliance Management Cloud Service is helping retailers monitor the integrity of their materials and end products to improve customer experiences and protect their brands. And this is crucial at a time when consumers are looking for high-quality goods at fair prices, along with the assurance that their purchases are safe and ethically sourced.

In response to these needs, Oracle Retail Brand Compliance is specifically designed to enable retailers, restaurants, food service providers and manufacturers to source, develop, track and market products. As products are developed, the solution audits and manages all aspects of the process, creating accurate and certified labelling detail against local regulatory and industry policies. Resultantly, brands can rapidly and nimbly respond to and rectify product and industry incidents.

“Delivering on your brand promise today is as much about quality and trust as it is about cost,” said Jeff Warren, vice president of strategy and solution management, Oracle Retail. “Customers expect retailers to know everything about the items they purchase, whether this is information on availability, ingredients or the manufacturing process. They expect transparency and greater access to information, in real time. The biggest names in grocery rely on Oracle Retail Brand Compliance to meet these expectations while protecting their customers and brands.”

“For retailers, having full visibility across their entire supply chains is a game-changer. It can mean the difference between minutes or weeks when responding to incidents, tracking and removing contaminated food from store shelves and notifying consumers. Brand damage aside, that can mean the difference between life and death,” added Paul Woodward, senior director of Oracle Retail supply chain solutions.

Today, the Oracle Retail Brand Compliance community represents more than 250,000 suppliers offering 750,000 consumer products.