Muscat Municipality chiefs tour Al Araimi Boulevard

RetailME Bureau

Chiefs of the Muscat Municipality and Muscat Municipality, Seeb expressed their support in the ongoing development of the Al Araimi Boulevard (ABLVD), an upcoming innovative retail development concept in Muscat. Al Raid Group, the developer of ABLVD set to open in September 2018, welcomed the visit of Muscat Municipality chiefs Eng. Mohsin Al Sheikh, chairman of Muscat Municipality and Eng. Badar Ali Al Bahri, director general of Muscat Municipality, Seeb.

With approximately 807,295 sqft of leasing space, ABLVD is set to be one of Oman’s latest and largest shopping, entertainment and lifestyle destinations leading the Sultanate in developing futuristic shopping malls and leisure destinations. It combines advanced technologies and design to deliver a one-of-a-kind mall inspired by the beauty and diversity of Oman while providing world-class, state-of-the-art facilities and amenities.

Sheikh Fahad Bin Abdullah Al Araimi, CEO of Al Raid Group, toured the officials during their respective visits and explained to them the progress of the mall and the current construction phase, including the features that will be highlighted once the mall opens by end of September this year.

“The Al Araimi Boulevard is another major development in Oman’s bid to become a leading destination in the region, offering diverse retail and leisure options to both local and international tourists, which will provide significant job prospects for Omanis and further boost Oman’s economy. We look forward to assist these projects to ensure the smooth flow of their implementation and achieve success,” stresses Al Sheikh.

The Muscat Municipality has taken the initiative to visit important projects currently being constructed within the municipality to ensure that their needs are being met to complete their work and coordinate with designated specialists should the need arise, to facilitate progress and completion on time.

“The Al Araimi Boulevard is set to become Oman’s new destination mall that will attract tourists and residents alike. With amazing skylights and hard work invested by the Al Raid Group, we are confident it will be a successful venture. The area planning and over all structure of the mall is highly attractive and unique. This will be another milestone for Sheikh Abdullah Al Araimi and a legacy by Al Raid Group for creating successful destinations for the Omani consumers,” adds Al Bahri.

“We highly value the visits of the highest officials of Muscat within the Al Araimi Boulevard site as they witness firsthand the ongoing progress of the mall. It certainly further boosted the whole team’s enthusiasm to ensure that the project is completed in time for the opening. We are all excited to introduce to the public this new landmark development for Muscat and to bring to fruition a part of the country’s sustainable development ambitions through economic diversification. We are confident that ABLVD will contribute to the growth of both the retail and tourism sectors,” concludes Al Araimi.