M&M’s store now in Dubai Duty Free

RetailME Bureau

US-based candy brand M&M’s now has an exclusive retail area at the Dubai Duty Free (DDF) at concourse A. The 300 sqft retail space has been designed to woo young travellers. “Concourse A has provided DDF the opportunity to introduce new brands and innovative retail concepts. The M&M’s retail area is a good example of our team working with our supplier to produce a fun and interesting retail attraction that has great shopper appeal,” says Colm McLoughlin, executive vice chairman at DDF.

The store offers a huge variety of tailored M&M’s products, including a wide range of novelties, souvenirs, toys, candy dispensers and M&M’s-themed travel accessories, providing the shopper with an appealing array of gifting, self-treating and snacking options. The in-store theatre includes a series of interactive encounters to further enhance the shopping experience.

“We believe that not only can we engage more strongly with existing shoppers but we can also attract non-shoppers by tapping into the travellers’ thirst for entertainment with a highly engaging and satisfying reason to step out of their seats and into the store. By implementing the right blend of in-store theatre, attractive point-of-sale, innovation and promotions, M&M’s has been able to garner huge global appeal,” adds Lieke Duijmelings, marketing director, Mars International Travel Retail (Mars ITR).