Mirdif 35 caters to the community with specially curated offerings

RetailME Bureau

Mirdif 35, the lifestyle centre on Al Khawaneej Road in the Mirdif community, opened its doors to the community recently. It is situated in Mirdif on 60C Street overlooking Khawaneej Road, opposite Arabian Center.

The lifestyle centre has cherry-picked a bouquet of tenants offering F&B, fitness, lifestyle, health and beauty services under one roof. It is a place where people can unwind, chill and pamper themselves, and community residents can find essential services.

“Dubai has a lot of retail space on offer, but Mirdif 35 takes a completely different approach. This isn’t a retail destination per se but rather an experiential one for people who want to stay active and nurture the mind and body. We wanted to bring a carefully chosen bouquet of food, wellness and beauty concepts to a single space, designed specifically for the needs of our local community,” says Amer Khansaheb, managing director, Khansaheb Investments that developed the project.

Tenants, many being exclusive to Mirdif 35, have been handpicked based on their ability to add value to surrounding community, and offer experiences as well as necessary products and services. The boutique space also hosts a large number of small Emirati businesses and start-ups, accounting for 40% of the overall tenant mix.

Anchor outlets at the lifestyle centre include Jones the Grocer and the Organic Foods & Café. The centre hosts the UAE’s very first Chateraise Japanese bakery, part of a popular chain in Japan. The space specialises in new culinary offerings and restaurant concepts with brands such as Menagerie, Falla and Qahwaty finding a home.

Two fitness brands include Rise Fitness and Innovative Fitness, while the Amro Salon brand and Hair Garage provide tonsorial pampering. Meanwhile, Cocoona and Zo Skin Centre and beauty salons Bedashing and Beauty Station provide a full range of cosmetic and wellness treatments.

The ground floor is dedicated to culinary experiences, with a dash of basic retail and everyday services. The first floor hosts fitness and grooming options, with level two focusing on health and beauty.

The building reflects the lifestyle centre’s carefully curated approach. The structure is LEED GOLD certified, and designed to cut water use, recycle waste and monitor CO2 levels in real-time. A highly reflective roof helps manage the microclimate without excessive energy use.

“Mirdif 35 concept allowed us to go back to the drawing board and develop an experience tailored to the nearby community, and situate it in a bespoke modern structure designed to reduce our carbon footprint. This coming together of form and function is part of the project’s appeal as a lifestyle destination that is comfortable and welcoming,” adds Khansaheb.