Making the UAE fitter

Rupkatha Bhowmick

Home-grown brand Ingfit’s mission is to make the UAE fitter. Launched in 2018, the online platform selling healthy food products Ingfit was born with a mission to radically transform the health of the UAE through education, coaching and products that consistently comply with cutting-edge nutritional science.

Even the brand name, Ingfit, was chosen to spread the message of “getting fit,” while keeping it short and catchy. “Our promise is to provide customers with the cleanest and healthiest ingredients in the products that we sell on our platform, along with lifestyle guidance and support that match every development made in the field of health and wellness,” states co-founder and general manager of Ingfit, Lee Sandwith.

Ingfit’s vision is for a society where the health of the nation is aligned with the extraordinary progress made by the UAE in other fields; where people live free from the plague of metabolic diseases by valuing the importance of living an active, mindful life and choosing a diet comprising high-quality, whole foods.

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Start small but think big

As a small, home-grown business Ingfit’s motto is to “think big, but start small” – a mindset that the brand applies to everything it does.

“We started Ingfit with only two products, steadily adding more as we built new partnerships, aligned with customer needs,” Sandwith shares. The brand portfolio now includes over 500 products, as Ingfit has formed synergistic partnerships, especially with other local businesses. Today, Ingfit offers everything from healthy groceries and snacks to keto food essentials and much more.

“We have recently developed our systems to build a platform for local brands, especially those that produce freshly made products with a shorter shelf life. Currently, we are working with around 10 local brands, with many more in the pipeline,” Sandwith adds.

In fact, as part of its transformation roadmap, Ingfit is looking to make its own-branded products line more robust. “We launched a small line of Ingfit-branded products earlier this year as a pilot study, which was a huge success and encouraged us to develop a wider range,” Sandwith confirms. “We will also launch our mobile app to further enhance the shopping experience for customers on Ingfit.”

Overcoming obstacles

When the COVID-19 related lockdown was announced in the UAE, Ingfit faced major issues on the delivery front, especially in Abu Dhabi with stricter restrictions in certain areas. Like several businesses, Ingfit had to adapt and work harder with its fulfilment and delivery partner Transcorp. Ingfit quickly implemented new policies such as contactless delivery and communicated its COVID-related measures to customers to reassure them.

“COVID-19 hit us hard with the realisation that we are emerging from the start-up sphere and we are becoming an important component of the UAE’s enterprise ecosystem. We’re in an exceptional category, as Ingfit is one of the few companies that the country can rely on for truly healthful products. This realisation has given us even more motivation and inspiration to do more quickly,” Sandwith concludes.


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