Kaleidoscope by Mimi’s Ramadan collection to celebrate human connections

RetailME Bureau

Home-grown fashion brand Kaleidoscope by Mimi will soon launch a collection for Ramadan 2018 based on the authenticity of human connections and the ‘common threads’ that tie different communities together.

Inspired by its founder and head designer Mimi Shakhashir’s travels, Kaleidoscope by Mimi has longstanding collaborations with a range of artisans and craftspeople in NGOs and creative collectives around the world, through which a sustainable source of family and community income is developed. None of the pieces sold online is created in factories, but designed, sourced and detailed by individuals in the Middle East, India, Thailand, Morocco and other destinations.

“Ramadan has a special resonance for Kaleidoscope by Mimi as our brand is based on the values of community and strong ethics, ensuring the artisans and their communities with whom we work are recognised and rewarded through our collaboration,” says Shakhashir. “During the holy month, we celebrate the common threads that tie us together as regional and global societies and underscore the authenticity and humanity that is echoed in all of our work throughout the year.”

Kaleidoscope by Mimi’s Ramadan 2018 collection will include kaftans, kimonos, pouches and fashion and home accessories that are hand-crafted with detailing from communities in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. It will be launched at an in-store event at Le BHV/Marais in Citywalk on April 25.