Intel to create store of the future

RetailME Bureau

At the recently concluded National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Big Show, Intel showcased its first autonomous shelf auditing and analytics robot called Simbe Robotics Tally.

These robots are expected to operate along with humans during store hours without causing hindrance, keeping shelves stocked with right products and correct price tags. The robot is still in trials with retailers, but will be available soon.

“With technology like robots and artificial intelligence to free up employees, every aspect of the store and supply chain will allow retail employees to better focus on the customer and improve the store’s performance,” says Intel CEO Brian Krzanich.

“We’re developing technologies to transform the shopping experience in the near future. By bringing together virtual reality and the power of data, which is the ‘new oil’, we will help create the store of the future – one that is smart, responsive, connected and secure,” he adds.

According to him, data will impact retail in three specific ways – re-inventing the in-store experience, utilising the power of data analytics and then creating what Intel calls the ‘store of the future’.

In order to create a hi-tech shopping experience Intel remains committed to what’s called the Responsive Retail Platform (RRP) – a service that fosters the creation and spread of flexible and scalable solutions across stores. The primary aim of the platform is to collate different in-store technologies and bring them together onto a single platform, facilitating chipmakers to develop and deploy Internet of Things (IoT) services.

RRP will help in analysing customer behaviour, while providing retailers with detailed information. It will enable shopping complexes to install a variety of IoT hardware devices, sensors and other data-centric tools in stores. Intel believes that their new hardware+software suite will enable stores to improve inventory management and checkout experience, while personalising user experience.

Over the next five years, Intel will, reportedly, invest $100 million in the retail industry through its Intel RRP.