INGIE Paris opens in KSA

RetailME Bureau

INGIE Paris – Ingie Chalhoub’s, CEO & MD of Etoile Group, eponymous fashion label – has opened its first store at the Kingdom Centre Mall in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Spanning 1,400 sqft, the boutique has been designed by French design studio “Architecture et Associés” led by Jean Christophe Poggioli and Pierre Beucler.

Finest and precious materials including glass, stone and steel blending have been used to create the store, adjusting them closely and discreetly so that the customer can only perceive a coherent ensemble and enjoy an intimate, elegant and comfortable ambience.

The transparent glass facade is adorned with magnifying glasses arranged in frames that evoke the pearl design and follow the mall rendering giving the store facade a glittering and attractive look. A bright and inviting space welcomes visitors at the entrance of the store featuring a double glazed door similar to a glass curtain that forms a single unit.

The mother-of pearl symbol of Ingie Paris, inspires the design of the walls, which combines shimmering silver pearl panels with mirror partitions. This graphical play helps in defining the different spaces and areas of the store and showcases the display of collections.

The ground is beautifully decorated with white marble surrounded by woolen and circular iridescent rugs looking like pearls from a view top. They complement and accentuate the cool, sophisticated and inviting atmosphere of the store. The mixing of contrasting materials on the ground echo those on the walls and punctuate the overall space.

The first part of the store is devoted to ready-to-wear and day wear, suspended from nickel metal racks that are facing the wall panels. The second part of the store showcases the INGIE Paris shoe collections that are displayed on a custom designed piece of furniture acting as a link between the two spaces.

The curved-shape fitting rooms are comfortable and spacious. An interior sheathed in silver leather with pearl effects and mirrors, they complement the design of the store and evoke confidentiality while providing personalised choice and custom fitting.