IKEA announces global collaborations

RetailME Bureau

Swedish furniture retailer IKEA, part of Al-Futtaim group of companies in the region, has announced exciting collaborations with world-renowned brands for its 2019-20 collections. Among the collaborations that will be introduced for next year include Lego and Adidas as key collaborators, alongside Stefan Diez, Little Sun, UNYQ with Area Academy and cultural hub Saint Heron.

IKEA’s new commitments are set to inspire and enable sustainable living – making it easier for people to reduce their climate impact and contribute to a world without waste. The IKEA collections focus on stabilising environments outside and inside the home.

Available worldwide from August 2018, IKEA together with its partners have created concepts to work across entire homes rather than individual rooms to fully engage people. With a focus from lavish to minimalist, there are six new collections, each telling their own story and expressing their own personality.

For the TÄNKVÄRD collection IKEA collaborated with artisans from India, exploring various handicraft techniques for bespoke home furnishings. Following a similar theme, the ÖVERALLT collection is a product of collaboration between ten African and four IKEA designers.

As a response to the refugee crisis, IKEA decided to make a difference by creating livelihoods. Made in collaboration with the Jordan River Foundation and Jordanian refugee women artisans, TILLTALANDE is a collection of previous, hand-crafted textiles made by women artisans, Jordanian locals alongside refugees.

IKEA’s focus on affordable technology is brought to life in this year’s collection with FREKVENS. The brand also delves into creating fashionable home furnishing solutions with the FÖRNYAD collections by focusing on tailoring items in accordance with student needs in fun, and in fashion.

IKEA has produced a collection which solely focuses on artistic expressions; the IKEA Art Event 2019 collection, brings together eight contemporary artists to produce off the wall art pieces which could embellish any home. Finally, IKEA, staying true to its heritage, has produced a collection which takes into consideration its Scandinavian heritage to give birth to a collection with maximalist motifs, the collection is produced by the iconic artist, Per B Sundberg.