Hot footwear trends this season

Rupkatha Bhowmick

At the 27th edition of International Leather and Footwear Exhibition (SICC – Salão Internacional do Couro e do Calçado) that we attended last month, Brazilian footwear brands presented their spring/summer 2018-19 collections, displaying several fashion trends.

Before a brief overview on the dominating fashion trends in footwear, it must be mentioned that the home market for Brazilian footwear brands is enormous. These brands also export to over 150 countries worldwide. But there is at least a couple of months of time lag between launching the seasonal collections in the home country and exporting them to international markets. That’s why the footwear brands are careful about curating collections that are time-proof and forward-looking. No wonder, during a show dedicated to spring/summer collections 2018-19 a lot of boots – although ankle length – were displayed.

Colours like fuchsia pink, bright red, navy blue, fluorescent green and yellow were noticeable in almost every footwear brand’s collections. Lavender, nude shades and basic black, white and brown also received due attention. Silver and gold continue to be popular shades.

A unique feature is the use of multiple materials in shoes. The use of plastic, which is big this season, along with leather was seen in many brands’ collections. Several brands are also using sustainable materials like jute in heels and straps along with leather and rubber.

The use of logos on shoes is another popular trend, as observed in brands across premium, casual and affordable segments of the market.

Brands continue to pay close attention to comfort while designing shoes for children, men and women. Innovative technologies and materials are being used to offer heightened levels of comfort.

Grouping footwear with accessories like handbags, wallets and belts was also prominent. About grouping, an appealing feature was the family collections developed for adults and children in the same design.

The sneaker revolution is becoming very strong. Spanish brand Balenciaga pioneered the trend, which is today a huge hit worldwide. Chunky, comfortable sneakers are being bought widely by men and women. A lot of sneakers are also being customised to suit the buyer’s specific taste.

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