Garfield-inspired app to launch in Dubai

RetailME Bureau

For all those Garfield fans out there, May 12 will see the launch of ‘GarfieldEATS’ – an all-in-one mobile application where users can both order food and discover entertainment on the same platform.

With GarfieldEATS, young Arab entrepreneur and the world’s youngest Garfield licensee, Nathen Mazri is all set to launch the first-ever Quick Mobile Restaurant (QMR) in Dubai based on ‘enter-gaging’ (entertaining and engaging).

The all-in- one GarfieldEATS app – built around the very popular comic strip Garfield – will offer users the opportunity to watch Garfield animation videos, read Garfield comics, play in-app games that earn redeemable points, place delivery orders and much more.

In line with the mischievous orange cat Garfield’s favourite food including pizzas, lasagna and coffee, GarfieldEATS’s menu will feature a range of Garfield shaped pizzas, lasagne and dark chocolate. There will be Garvelicino too, a spinoff to Garfield’s favourite coffee brewed with 100% Arabica sourced from Italy. All ingredients in the menu are sourced from the finest organic farm products available in the UAE.

Inspired by the famed tabby cat, Mazri chose Garfield to introduce a global transformation in ‘enter-gaging’ applications. Backed by artificial intelligence and voice recognition technologies, users can now enjoy ordering their favourite food with ease.

Further, in line with Dubai’s vision for a sustainable environment, GarfieldEATS will rely only on eco- friendly methods of operation including green electric scooters to deliver orders, in addition to the specially designed reusable pizza boxes with guidelines to form plates and reusable cups.