Freedom Pizza launches Wildflower

RetailME Bureau

Freedom Pizza, the home-grown healthy food delivery company, has announced the launch of its new restaurant brand Wildflower.

Opening this April in Dubai Studio City, Wildflower is the latest addition to the Krush Brands group after last year’s acquisition of Coco Yogo Vegan Kitchen. Wildflower Poke & More is the synthesis of the bold and health forward vision of Los Angeles chef, Justin Snyder who re-located to Dubai and is the co-founder of Wildflower.

‘Eat the way you want to feel’ is Wildflower’s approach to offering a diverse range of food that includes poke and Açaí. Wildflower will also offer gluten-free and vegan options helping to round off a healthy and nutrient dense menu. Underpinning the menu is the desire to create more choice and versatility that considers a variety of preferences and lifestyles. There are breakfast and kids’ options and so much more, including Seared Ahi Sandwich and Korean Fried Chicken Sandwich.

The Wildflower menu showcases a collection of ingredients that have been diligently sourced by chef Snyder, each supplier is personally handpicked based on their commitment to consistently and ethically producing high-quality food. Arriving from Los Angeles, the epicentre of vegan and healthy food concepts, Snyder says “Healthy and fresh produce are at the centre of everything we do at Wildflower and across Krush Brands. We want to show that eating well doesn’t have to be boring and ensure that wholesome foods can be tasty and enjoyable as well as fitting specific dietary requirements. Health doesn’t have a ‘one-size-fits-all approach’ and we want to prove that.”

Like Freedom Pizza, Wildflower is partnering with Greenheart Organic farms located in Sharjah to offer fresh, local and organic ingredients to use throughout its menu, including the specially created vegan Greenheart Bowl.

Wildflower will use eco-friendly packaging and the Wildflower Sustainable Earth Collective is a concept based on the idea that coming together as a community to behave sustainably is a far more impactful approach to improve the local and global environment. This aligns with the measures Freedom Pizza has taken to remove plastic cutlery and straws from all orders.

With the first outlet based in Studio City, Wildflower is looking to expand aggressively, with plans to open in Dubai Marina already in place. “I am very excited to launch Wildflower Poke & More. It seems like yesterday that I met Chef Justin Snyder in Los Angeles and we immediately both knew that we had to work together. Justin’s vast experience, talent and infinite curiosity pair well with Krush Brands’ ethos, operating, delivery and food technology capabilities. We already have more projects in the works,” shares Ian Ohan, CEO and founder of Freedom Pizza.

Wildflower Poke & More is “Powered by Freedom”, meaning that customers can enjoy slick and easy online ordering using Freedom Pizza’s proprietary technology and applications as well as super-fast and safe delivery from Freedom’s professional driving team.