Flow reaffirms sustainability commitment

RetailME Bureau

Flow, Dubai’s home-grown healthy eating and creative hub at the Jumeirah Emirates Towers, is encouraging more sustainable practices among their customers by launching a range of reusable coffee cups and water bottles designed and custom made by Emirati artist, Aysha Al Hemrani.

Customers who purchase a ceramic reusable coffee cup from Flow will receive an instant free coffee fill, plus discounts on future coffee fills. Guests purchasing a stainless-steel reusable water bottle will receive an instant water fill and future water refills at a discounted price. To further encourage sustainable behaviour among its customers, Flow is also offering a discount on all coffee refills, providing the customer brings their own reusable cup.

Flow is well-known for its efforts in encouraging home-grown talent and creativity, and the all-new reusable range has been custom-made by Al Hemrani, a young Emirati artist known for creating caricatures under the name ‘Mnawrah’. Commissioned by Flow, Al Hemrani came on board as a resident artist for an entire month, during which she took inspiration from the brand’s ethos and captured caricatures of regular customers while also incorporating the day-to-day elements that bring to life the true spirit of Flow into her designs.

With Sarood Hospitality – operators of Flow – championing an industry-wide shift to eradicate the use of single use plastics, Flow has supported the cause by removing all plastic straws, cutlery, sandwich packets, smoothie cups and salad bowls from its operation.