Fashionable scarves by Sakinah debuts in the UAE at Lulu stores

RetailME Bureau

Malaysian entrepreneur known for introducing exquisite products to the Gulf, Sakinah Sheikh Osman will be launching her new modest fashion brand at Lulu stores in the UAE. The brand aims to serve the modern, on-the-go and glamorous women looking for traditional yet timeless, easy to manage scarves.

Through her brand, Osman seeks to meet the needs of the modest wear clientele globally, starting with the Middle East market by introducing a design of scarves that are easy to manage and yet look elegant.

The concept took shape when Osman started wearing scarves herself and realised how difficult it was to get scarves that looked great and yet felt comfortable, stayed on and came in colours that are easy to combine with different outfits.

According to Osman, it was necessary to start the project with conventional styles and use embellishments such as the use of Swarovski crystals to appeal to the Arab region. She was inspired by the fashion sense of the confident, career minded and yet sensual Muslim woman who valued simplicity, practicality and comfort combined with elegance and glamour. Combining Sakinah scarves with existing modern and traditional attire in the wardrobe helps the wearer make a fashion statement for all occasions.

Sakinah scarves are now available at all Lulu Hypermarkets in various colours including green, maroon, purple, black and brown.