E-mall with Gulf-wide reach to launch this month

RetailME Bureau

In the spirit and vision of Saudi Arabia’s journey, ALMALL, an e-mall designed to cater to the entire region, has been completed and is set to officially launch in September. Developed by Saudi Research and Publishing Company, a research and marketing company based in the Kingdom, ALMALL has been created to be in line with Saudi Arabia’s overall vision, designed to become the region’s number one e-commerce portal, while staying ahead of the evolving nature of the fashion world by offering all that is unique and exclusive in the industry in a timely, relatable and up-to-date manner.

ALMALL is set to become the first e-commerce site to span Saudi Arabia, UAE and the rest of the Gulf region, providing a diversity of products as well as free shipping services without the prerequisite of having a minimum value of purchases.

Commenting on the launch of ALMALL, founder Mohammed Fahd Al-Harthi, who is also editor-in-chief of Sayidaty and Arrajol magazines, says, “We are proud to launch ALMALL, an e-commerce project unlike any in the region, and we hope to be the top e-commerce portal in the Gulf region, introducing people to the best in fashion, meeting their contemporary needs and satisfying their passion for excellence and uniqueness. We at Saudi Research and Publishing Company are excited to embark on this new phase, to see ALMALL go live, offering a new alternative to the region, bringing to the forefront top international brands and supporting local designers in the fashion world, while providing a secure online portal.”

Following Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman’s ascension to his role last year, Saudi Arabia has been working towards realising a complete transformation of its economy and society based on key objectives set under its Vision 2030 – a national strategy to modernise its economy and diversify the country’s economy, moving it away from oil dependency. As part of the long-term goals Saudi Arabia has set for itself, the Kingdom is looking to become a world player in e-commerce, providing the kind of support local companies will need to allow them to go beyond borders and become key players in world markets. It is looking in particular to support expansion into new areas of investment in the digital economy, e-marketing and e-services, to improve the quality of existing services, simplifying procedures, diversifying channels of communication and supporting the use of electronic applications.

ALMALL is home to more than one million products for women, men and children. It offers world-class fashion brands, innovative local products and exclusive, high-quality designs from the region and beyond. From contemporary pieces to more traditional attire such as abayas, ALMALL has a superb range of garments, watches, perfumes, sunglasses, cosmetics, household goods, leather bags, shoes, accessories and more.

ALMALL’s main branch is in Dubai with offices in Jeddah and Riyadh, and its team is spread across Jeddah, Riyadh, Beirut and Amman. The site is expected to garner up to five million visits every month by the end of 2018 and it offers customers the option to shop using its easy-to-use mobile application.