E-commerce is driving need for faster field operations

RetailME Bureau

Technology company Zebra Technologies Corporation has announced the results of its latest vision study on the Future of Field Operations, which indicates today only one-fifth of organisations have a majority of their field-based operations using enterprise mobile devices. This is estimated to reach 50% in five years.

The study reveals mobile technology investment is a top priority for 36% of organisations and a growing priority for an additional 58% to keep up with rapidly evolving and increasing customer demand. The findings indicate investments will be made in disruptive technologies and enterprise mobile devices to enhance front-line worker productivity and customer satisfaction in field operations including fleet management, field services, proof of delivery and direct store delivery workflows.

In the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region, 70% of respondents agree that e-commerce is driving the need for faster field operations.

“Driven by the acceleration of e-commerce along with customer’s heightened expectations and more focus within companies on differentiating service levels, the field operations industry is rapidly adapting the way it looks at its mobile technology investments,” says Jim Hilton, director of Vertical Marketing Strategy, Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics at Zebra Technologies. “Our study shows how growing challenges related to the on-demand economy drive organisations to adopt transformative, disruptive technologies such as augmented reality and intelligent labels to provide visibility and integrate business intelligence for a performance edge.”

The study shows seven in ten organisations agree faster mobile networks will be a key driver for field operations investment to enable the use of disruptive technology. Significant industry game-changers will be droids and drones, with over a third of decision makers citing them as the biggest disruptors. The use of smart technologies such as sensors, RFID and intelligent labels also play a role in transforming the industry.