China’s first Smurfs Theme Park to open in 2019

RetailME Bureau

The first Smurfs Theme Park is all set to open in China in September 2019. The park is the result of a cooperation between Chinese developer Shimao Property Holdings Limited and Belgian company IMPS, which holds the rights on the Smurfs brand.

The theme park is located in Dream City in Shanghai and is being designed by Belgian company KCC Entertainment Design. The park will host over 20 different themed experiences going from the Smurfs Berry Coaster to the Augmented Reality Gargamel Experience over Climbing courses and a Smurf Golf.

Commenting on the features of the theme park, Yannick Maes, CEO, KCC Entertainment Design, says, “The Smurfs Theme Park consists out of an indoor and an outdoor zone of each approximately 10,000 sqm and has four different themed areas – ‘The Forest’, ‘Smurfs village’, ‘Gargamel’s house’ and the ‘The Outdoors’. We want the visitor to be completely emerged into the life of the Smurfs and get the feeling they are part of the Smurfs family.”

“By adapting the light and by using projections we will mimic different times of the day and different weather conditions. This will greatly enhance the visitor’s experience in the world of the Smurfs. We have also planned for seasonal events and festivities that will give the park a temporary make-over,” Maes adds.