Al Hokair Group leverages Capillary’s AI-driven solution to enhance customer engagement

RetailME Bureau

One of Saudi Arabia’s leading tourism, hospitality and entertainment groups, Al Hokair Group has partnered with Capillary Technologies’ artificial intelligence (AI) driven CRM solutions to upscale its customer engagement initiatives.

The solution will help Al Hokair analyse its data to enhance customer experience through personalisation, elevate engagement levels and facilitate a richer understanding of consumer behaviour along with their interaction with the brand at various touchpoints.

“We are pleased to have Capillary Technologies on board as our technology partner at a time when technology drives business success,” says Tareq Khalaf, CIO, Al Hokair Group. “We are looking to achieve a substantial growth of revenue using Capillary’s solution. The hospitality industry is witnessing a revolution in technology usage over the years as everything depends on how fast it is adopted, and how useful it is in engaging with and retaining your customers. Without technology we don’t see the possibility of being consumer ready. Data is playing an important role in business decision making and in line with our organisational growth plans, we are leveraging our data combined with AI to enhance our customers experience by offering the right value at the right time, and through the right channel.”

“We are excited to partner with Al Hokair to offer a range of AI driven solutions to help them adapt to a culture of enabling and empowering their customers with convenience and value-added services. We facilitate the use of data and technology to understand their customers’ needs better,” adds Nitin Kaushal, president & general manager for EMEA, Capillary Technologies.

Al Hokair opens around 10 -15 new entertainment parks every year, in addition to launching new brands to offer customers a wholesome experience. With changes in Saudi Arabia’s social conditions Al Hokair strives hard to stay relevant. As part of its efforts, Al Hokair are preparing to open cinema halls across the country in the coming years. The group is also expanding its operations in other parts of the world including Egypt, Turkey and Spain.