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Digitise your retail business for growth and gain agility.

At the start of 2020, already under pressure, retailers and distributors were focused on driving profitable revenue growth.

This was overtaken as a focus of business strategy as the pandemic resulted in an almost overnight shift amongst consumers towards digital ordering and omni-channel fulfilment. Huge constraints in supply chain and workforce issues, accompanied by a jump in consumer demand for specific products added pressure on retailers.

As retailers start to see significant positive shifts in customer sentiment and economies gradually open, it’s become obvious that the shift to digital ordering and omni-channel fulfilment will remain a fundamental strategy for retailers. But how will retailers ensure that their omni-channel strategy is profitable?

Join us as we discuss the role of finance and logistics in retail business strategy.

Key discussion points:
1) Integrating supply chain & finance solution to adjust and fine-tune logistics’ capabilities
2) Identifying cost reductions without impacting customer experience
3) Role of the modern finance organisation to drive profitable growth
4) Value of artificial intelligence, machine learning & big data to support agility and innovation

11:30 AM Welcome note and Introduction
11:35 AM Presentation: Market forces reshaping Retail and Distribution
11:50 AM Case Study: Nahdi Medical
12:05 PM Presentation: Big moves to pivot forward for Finance and Logistics
12:20 PM Panel Discussion: Facilitating omnichannel profitability
12:40 PM Interactive Q&A with attendees
12:45 PM Closing remarks


Gary Brocklehurst
Gary Brocklehurst
ERP Business Development and Strategy Leader - Oracle
Aiman Ali Mohammed Alsakkaf
Aiman Ali Mohammed Alsakkaf
IT Applications Director - Nahdi Medical Company
Shruthi Nair
Shruthi Nair
Executive Editor, Images RetailME