Lulu opens its first all-female store in Saudi Arabia

RetailME Bureau

UAE-based  Lulu Group recently inaugurated its first-ever all-female staff store in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The new Lulu Express is fully managed by a team of 103 well-trained women led by General Manager Maha Mohammed Alqarni. Located near King Abdul Aziz University, the 37,000 square feet store is also the 20th in Saudi Arabia.

Yusuff Ali M.A, Chairman of Lulu Group said: “We have always tried to give training and employment to the youth and especially the skilled women of this region. It’s our commitment to the visionary policies of the leadership to empower the women workforce.”

“Apart from introducing innovative shopping options and product ranges, we are also proud that this new initiative to empower women will go a long way in opening new opportunities and career options for the youth in general and women in particular,” he added.

Maha Mohammed Alqarni, General Manager of the store, said: “I am extremely happy to be part of LuLu Group’s first ever store that is fully managed by women. This is such a great honour for me to represent the growing community of Saudi women who are playing an active role in the progress of the country’s economic activities and aiming to share their skills.”

“At present, we employ 3,000 Saudi nationals including 800 women in all the hypermarkets across the Kingdom in various positions and our aim is to encourage more women in our organisation, thereby ensuring Saudi women’s economic participation,” said Shehim Mohammed, Director of Lulu Group Saudi Arabia.