Géant opens its largest hypermarket in the Dubai Hills Mall

March 22, 2022 | By Zubina Ahmed

French chain Géant’s largest hypermarket in the UAE opened it’s doors to the public on March 21, 2022.  Located in the heart of the Dubai Hills Estate within the newly opened mall, Géant is a one-stop-shop that provides customers with the same high standard of service that they would expect in any larger hypermarket store. Urban Foods CEO Mark Anthony Lack elaborated on how Géant adds a new dimension to shopping.  “We promise a positive and dedicated in-store experience and are constantly fine tuning the on-floor priorities to make it even better. Our staff at Géant Dubai Hills will not sit behind counters but are interactive and on hand to suggest and advise according to the customer’s needs.  Mark further explained the thinking that has gone into making the Géant experience is special and unique.  Géant Dubai Hills will feature a unique technology that embeds digital screens in some of the refrigerator and freezer doors to create a new network of “smart” displays that will be used to depict the food and drink inside in their best light, but also act as an in-store billboard that can share information and special offers to shoppers.

“It took us about six months to build and design a store like this because its a large dedicated in-store experience. We tried and made sure to think something as simple as from where the customer enters the store and we are constantly fine tuning the on-floor priorities to make it even better. We have intricately designed each section, aisles and shelves for every category. One of the things we have tried to do in this particular store is make it so much easier to navigate than other hypermarkets. We put out stock corridor at the back which shortens the queue and makes it easier for people to navigate”, exclaimed Mark.


Known for its quality produce and wide range of product choices, the emphasis at Géant Dubai Hills Mall is on ease, convenience, and comfort in making every purchase, be it a single item or the monthly shopping list. The idea is to generate that ‘come back again’ loyalty in the clientele that Géant has been very successful with in its journey so far. Be it a quick shopper or office worker, people can find the food they need for a quick, easy lunch – as well as a meal for later and cupboard essentials.”We knew that within the Dubai Hills Estate there are about 125,000 residents so therefore our store is a perfect size. Keeping in mind the location, the community and the clientele that resides in the vicinity, we have designed the premises and sourced the products to reflect their lifestyle and needs.” revealed Mark.

In a city like Dubai where everybody is on the move, retailers are also looking at ways to keep their shoppers in-store, and experimenting with having food-to-go concession concepts in stores. For consumers looking for a quick food fix, food-to-go concepts are a blessing, “Our stores tend to look at community locations mostly. Since we are so close to the Dubai Hills Estate community, there are three areas—fresh produce, food-for-now and food-to-go. We realised that people are limited on time these days, they are rushing to work, so we know they will come to the store and pick up say a quick sandwich, salad boxes, mezze box, Lebanese, Indian or Chinese food boxes and leave. It’s all about the customer time-limitation, experience and convenience”, stated Mark. 

For added convenience, the shop floor is divided into comprehensive sections, unlike what you will see conventionally in local hypermarkets. The laundry department, for example, not only has machines but you get the detergent to go with the wash. The baby and child section are so comprehensive that there is literally nothing you cannot get for your little darling from diaper genies to diapers, baby food to baby bath products “We see it vital that customers look on us at a one stop shop replete with new options and experiences yet offering a select but also eclectic range of quality goods. From our themed departments to a dedicated candy section, clothing and electronics, kitchen gadgets and organic food items, each one has something unusual to offer.

Amongst its many attractive features, Géant scores with its insistence on the freshest produce and choicest meats, an in-house bakery, an organic, gluten free and vegan foods section, a French-inspired cheese section and one of the city’s largest collections of established global foods. The UAE retail market was valued at $ 55 billion in 2019 and is projected to grow to $ 75 billion by 2025 due to various factors such as rising per capita income, growing tourism industry, increasing expatriate population and rising number of upcoming development projects. Food Retail holds the largest share and is expected to maintain its lead in future too. Consequently, Supermarkets/Hypermarkets segment dominates the country’s retail market, followed by Exclusive Stores, Specialty Stores and Department Stores. The country’s well-integrated logistics network has created a strong environment for a growing modernized retail market, according to ReportLinker.com. 

The new Géant hypermarket will also include the Maison Marguerite, Géant’s in-house café concept where shoppers can unwind with some coffee and conversation before or after they shop. With a fresh deli counter and bakery packed with salads, freshly baked bread and pastries, shoppers are invited to take a break from their day and relax in the store’s cozy seating area. For a tasty meal in the office or at home, the branch’s hot and chilled food station is filled with a range of international dishes. “We will also be offering home delivery via our delivery platforms and Géant’s highly reliable Your store to Your door service. With our competitive pricing and well trained and knowledgeable staff we can confidently say our aim is singular, once you come through our doors you never have to go anywhere else,” said Mark 

To provide further impetus to its robust expansion plans of hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores, the company is also poised to launch Monoprix, a new concept store very soon, while expanding its equally well known Géant Express and Franprix portfolios. Now, with a roadmap outlining the easing of restrictions, retailers have a significant opportunity to make more money from their food to go fixtures. “The sector is changing post covid.  During the pandemic, supermarkets benefited from Covid related restrictions as people ate at home more often. However, 2021 saw a sluggish performance as people’s lives started to return to normal, and they returned to eating out. Also the new weekends have changed which has also impacted the industry. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are usually busy now for us. But things are changing and it’s better for customers to come in-store. We are creating an experience to make grocery shopping interesting. Food is essential to us and therefore shopping for it shouldn’t be a chore, concluded Mark. 

Géant is a chain of supermarkets and a hypermarket that are operating in the the UAE since 15 years. Urban Foods, by Dubai Holding, started operating the Géant brand since five years.. The brand is a part Groupe Casino, a French retailing giant with a turnover in excess of 35 billion euros. Aimed at enhancing consumers’ shopping experience, Urban Foods is committed to launching personalized retail concepts adapted to the unique needs of communities in Dubai and across the UAE. Urban Foods currently operates established brands such as Géant, Franprix and Géant Express, across communities in the UAE with stores measuring up to 10,000 square metres in size. 



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