Food vendors at the Etisalat Beach Canteen 2021

December 5, 2021 | By RetailME Bureau

The long weekend might be over but the Etisalat Beach Canteen 2021 is still on with lots of food, fun and excitement. The latest installment of Etisalat Beach Canteen, Dubai’s favorite beachside dining popup, will include a host of first-time vendors. Scheduled to take place until 11 December at Jumeirah Beach (behind Sunset Mall), the event is organised by the Dubai Festivals & Retail Establishment (DFRE). It is part of the UAE’s Golden Jubilee celebrations.

Following are some details about the new eateries in the various zones at Etisalat Beach Canteen 2021.

La Baguette de l’Entrecôte (Baqaala Lane): Known for its unique Entrecôte sauce poured generously over a plate of steak-frites, La Baguette de l’Entrecôte is ready to make its Etisalat Beach Canteen debut with tantalizing specials like street food-style steak sandwiches and shakers, both loaded with the special sauce. Visitors will also be able to buy the delicious sauce to relish at home later on.

MrBeast Burger (Baqaala Lane): MrBeast Burger is introducing its big, irresistible, and flavourful smashed burgers, crispy chicken sandwiches, outrageous grilled cheese, and seasoned crinkle fries at Etisalat Beach Canteen in collaboration with REEF.

Another Wing (Baqaala Lane): Another Wing, a wing brand from DJ Khaled in collaboration with REEF, is serving its crispy and saucy wings in eight different flavors.

G.O.A.T (Baqaala Lane): This is for the ones who love homegrown Dubai burgers. G.O.A.T has set up its food truck at Etisalat Beach Canteen to give residents and visitors the opportunity to taste the Greatest of All Time!

CZN Burak Burger (Baqaala Lane): Burak Özdemir, the popular Turkish chef and social media personality who goes by the name CZN Burak, is also bringing his food truck to Etisalat Beach Canteen 2021. This is a wonderful opportunity for residents and visitors across Dubai to enjoy the internet celebrity chef’s famous burgers.

SliderBox & Health Junkie by Gourmet Gulf (Baqaala Lane): Gourmet Gulf is for both fast food lovers and those with clean eating habits. SliderBox offers the juiciest and tastiest mini burgers while Health Junkie takes good care of individuals who have a thing for health & fitness.
Pulled (Baqaala Lane): Pulled is the place to be for soul food lovers. As the name suggests, these delectable street food items can be easily pulled apart and enjoyed to the fullest.

Absolute Zero (Food Bazaar): Inspired by the Absolute Zero degree (0⁰C), this beverage brand is all set to refresh the experience of young and old Canteeners with its cool factor.

By Pinza (Food Bazaar): Healthy food specialist By Pinza will establish its kiosk at Beach Canteen for the first time to showcase a somewhat different approach to Ajeeneh, Gyroz, and Punz. Beyond their carb recreations, they are also bringing “BakeMyDay” where the guests will be able to find all sorts of healthy and sumptuous finger foods.

Kris Kros (Food Bazaar): Kris Kros will be the go-to place for people who want a succulent shawarma with authentic Lebanese flavors.
LilleBite (Food Bazaar): Popular bite-sized desserts provider LilleBite will be taking its maiden bow at Etisalat Beach Canteen 2021. There is hardly a better place for those who have a sweet tooth but don’t want to live at the gym. The low-calorie and low-carb offerings can be enjoyed by anyone at any time without worrying about any potential adverse effects on their health.

Sides by Sidemen (Food Bazaar): This unique cloud kitchen-based food brand is set for launch at Etisalat Beach Canteen 2021.
The Phil by High (Food Bazaar): Those who love a good sandwich can head to The Phil by High for some of the most delicious Philly steak sandwiches imaginable.

Merika Café (Halawa Corner): Merika Café, known for its delicious desserts prepared with fresh and healthy ingredients, is among the food startups setting up their kiosk at Etisalat Beach Canteen for the first time. Must-try items on the menu include Gelato Cones and Chimney Rolls along with a variety of refreshing juices and shakes.

Churros Cone Café (Halawa Corner): Churros Cone Café is for individuals wanting a taste of authentic Spanish churros. These delightful munchies can be enjoyed with a variety of dips such as Nutella, Lotus Biscoff, Dulce de Leche, etc.
Republica Coffee (Halawa Corner): Republica Coffee will be introducing its aromatic, strong, delightful, and affordable blends to eager Canteeners during the UAE’s 50th National Day festivities at Jumeirah Beach.

Sugargram (Halawa Corner): Sugargram will be there to wow guests with its bite-sized and flavorful cupcakes. Fans of the popular eatery will be itching to get their hands on these appetizing cakes as well as other offerings at the Sugargram stall.

Captain Potato (Snack Souq): Captain Potato is passionate about all things potato and it is set to be a heaven for those who love French fries, wedges, and other potato-based foods. Over here, customers will discover lots of potato-inspired dishes that are easy on the wallet.
Dibba Bay Oysters (Snack Souq): Dibba Bay Oysters is the first Middle Eastern farm to grow gourmet oysters locally. They are now offering their world-class and delicious cultivations at Etisalat Beach Canteen.

Doce Nata (Snack Souq): Doce Nata serves its signature dish, Pastéis de Nata, with a secret family recipe dating back to the 1950s. Also, the crunchy, sweet, and creamy Portuguese custard tarts are another speciality that Canteeners of all ages will have a tough time resisting.



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