Feel like a child to keep the excitement alive

RetailME Bureau

Babyshop was born in Bahrain in 1973. The concept specialising in all things required by children – from new-born babies and toddlers to teenagers – marked the beginning of the Landmark Group’s retail journey.

From one store, Babyshop today boasts a 235-strong store network across 19 countries in the MENA region and a product range that includes clothing, accessories, toys, baby basics, nursery furniture and a lot more. It targets 300 stores by 2017.

“Babyshop and I have moved together. The brand has evolved and so have I,” says CEO Vinod Talreja. “When I look back on this association today I’m filled with a sense of pride in how the brand has grown and the lessons it has taught me.”

“…Twenty-five years back, I had a secretary and an accountant. Three-four of us did everything – from preparing budgets to buying, from logistics and distribution to retail pricing. We did everything manually,” Talreja recollects. “Back then, we had four stores. Today, we have a 200-strong team in the office and well over 200 stores. It seems a different world altogether. I enjoyed being part of the brand then. I enjoy being part of the brand now.”