Jollychic fashion show fuses fashion and technology

RetailME Bureau

Fashion enthusiasts and members of Dubai’s fashion and design community were treated to a display of the fusion of fashion and technology at the Dubai Fashion Days closing show, presented by online retailer Jollychic. The fashion show took place in City Walk.

With the theme ‘Fusion and Future’, the show commenced with a dramatic display of a UFO travelling to earth as the planet has become renowned as a trendy place full of passion, diversity and fusion of fashion and technology. Models sporting pearls on face and feather ear rings walked the catwalk in unique designs by upcoming international designers. They also wore wearables such as smart watches, showing how fashion has become fused with technology.

“As a trailblazing e-commerce company, we have first-hand experience of how fashion and technology are changing the way we buy and wear fashion. Today, fashion designers are incorporating technology into fashion like smart sensors, LED lit up clothing and technology enabling clothes changing colours in response to your emotions. Customers are also embracing the convenience of shopping from home at the click of a button, even buying items in real time as they see it on a catwalk that is livestreamed on apps. Through our fashion show, we wanted to show the future of fashion as it is clothed in technology,” says David Ding, co-founder and executive president of Jollychic and president of JollyTrust.

Jollychic presented the closing show with its three suppliers Mooly, Xunruo and Youppie. “As the leading e-commerce platform in the Middle East, we work to bridge the traditional retail and fashion business with digital economy and help our suppliers to access a wider international market. We will keep working hard to enhance our service and platform for our partners,” adds Ding.

Jollychic is the sole online shopping partner of Dubai Fashion Days, as well as a strategic partner of Hala China. The fashion event taking place till November 28 is presented by Hala China, an initiative of Meraas and Dubai Holding with support from the Dubai Design and Fashion Council. It is co-organised by Arab Fashion Council and JollyTrust, a subsidiary of Jollychic that aims to serve and empower the Middle East fashion industry with the know-how of China’s fashion and fabric industry in design, R&D and production.