Uber Eats making healthy eating easier

RetailME Bureau

People are becoming more and more health conscious. New data from food delivery app Uber Eats suggests it might be more than a passing fad. Last year Dubai emerged as the healthiest Uber Eats city in the world with the highest share of orders of healthy foods.

The latest data from Uber Eats has revealed that Dubai residents’ appetite for healthy eating is showing no signs of diminishing. In fact, it appears to be becoming a way of life for residents of the city, with the healthy foods category topping the share of orders by volume on Uber Eats. During the period of January-May 2018, 25% of all orders including salads, light stir fries and low-calorie food bowls have been ordered from healthy cafe and restaurant categories.

Salads, bowls, acai and poke, were the dishes of choice in the category. Amongst healthy foods Poke is the most popular dish with 17% orders of the category, followed by Salads and Acai at 16.18% and 6.5%, respectively. Vegan rounds off the top-4 healthy dishes sales at 4.1%.

With a rapid delivery time of about 30 minutes, Uber Eats is helping Dubai residents eat healthier than ever. With nearly 250 restaurants serving healthy foods through Uber Eats, it is easier than ever for users to maintain a healthy diet throughout the day, irrespective of their schedule.

“The biggest hurdle that most professionals face in maintaining a healthy diet is time, or rather lack of it. For many, preparing a healthy meal at home is virtually impossible with their busy lifestyles. However, through Uber Eats they can order fresh healthy food across various styles from Poke bowls to Vegan. At Uber Eats we are proud to facilitate Dubai residents’ quest for healthy eating habits,” says Damien Drap, general manager of Uber Eats in the UAE.

Demand for healthy food (Salads, Acai, Poke) peaks mid-week from Sunday until Wednesday, and usually during lunch time, which indicates that more Dubai residents are now able to eat healthy during the day even when they might be busy. It’s not just during the day; residents are choosing to eat wisely as orders for healthy foods between 6pm and 11pm are also relatively higher.