Bibi sets the bar high in children’s footwear

Rupkatha Bhowmick

Brazilian children’s footwear brand Calçados Bibi excels in comfort, innovation and design. The 70-year old family business – being steered by the third generation family members – strongly believes in ‘letting kids be kids’.

Along with a strong product portfolio, what also makes Bibi very special is its core built around creating a people-friendly environment, building efficient processes, meaningful partnerships and caring for the planet.

Through the past seven decades, Bibi has been committed to bringing the best for children’s feet. The brand believes that it’s best for children to walk barefoot. To ensure extreme comfort, Bibi has designed in-soles that are as natural as the ground with special simulation features.

Bibi has two factories in Parobé and Cruz das Almas, manufacturing over 2.6 million pairs annually. The brand is present in over 70 countries across five continents following different models. “In Brazil alone, we have over 3,500 multi-brand points of sale besides online presence and a network of more than 100 franchised stores,” shares export manager, Magnus Oliveira.

Bibi is also been present in the Middle East – including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar – for over a decade in partnership with the Apparel Group, in addition to the latter’s online store 6th Street. “In collaboration with Apparel Group, Bibi is present at Shoe Gallery in Abu Dhabi. We are also present in Qatar at Shoe Studio. Going forward, we are looking to develop more partnerships in the Middle East,” says Oliveira.

Sustainability also plays a pivotal role in Bibi’s day-to-day operations. “We’ve adapted our industrial operations in order to not cause any harm to the environment, which is why recycling plays an important role in our facilities. All our industrial wastes are properly designated to companies that reprocess such materials,” he elaborates.

“By 2030, we would like to be a globally desired brand, ensuring our people are well taken care of while working towards creating a better world,” Oliveira concludes.

The full article will be published in our July-August edition.